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VisionLight DL - Champs par transmission à LED plats

Flat LED backlight panel. Module height of only 12mm.
Suitable for continuous and strobe operation
Various sizes and colours available.


Flat LED backlighting panels

  • High luminosity with a uniform distribution
  • Stable, very flat aluminium housing
  • Simple installation via drilled assembly holes
  • Strobe and power modules available for installation in mounting rail systems
  • Strobe times from 1ms to 20ms controllable via flash module
  • Principle wavelength 660nm +/- 10nm
  • Power supply 12V DC or 24V DC (depending on module)
  • Flat construction of depth 12mm or 15mm for DL-90/60
  • Uniform light output for all sizes 0.9cd/cm² (permanent operation)
  • Standard cable length: 1.5m


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