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eVision - Trépieds de caméra avec panneau lumineux

When in use, all cameras require a strong, versatile mounting and illumination system - particularly when used in test assembly or laboratory environments. STEMMER IMAGING is able to supply a range of camera tripods which can be equipped with front or back lighting mechanisms for flicker-free, high-frequency operation.

The professional camera tripods in the eVision range have a built-in illuminated baseplates and are available with various baseplate dimensions and different heights.


The specific features shown here depend on the exact model!

  • Professional camera tripods with built-in illuminated baseplate
  • Copy arm for camera connection
  • Guide column height up to 1m
  • Illuminated baseplates available up to 350mm x 430mm (A3)
  • Fluorescent lamps up to 4 x 13W
  • Colour temperature 5,000K
  • Available with or without high-frequency illumination


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Professional Copystand with integrated Illuminated base

  • Repro-arm for camera connection
  • Column height 100 cm
  • Illuminated base plate (35 x 43 ...


Professional copy stand with integrated illuminated base

  • Repro-arm for camera connection
  • Column height 67 cm
  • Illuminated base plate (18 x ...