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Tamron MP1010M-VC

Versatile miniature-size camera module with optical vibration-compensation


Advantages when choosing the 1010M-VC

Compact size

The miniature-size with a total length of 58.4 mm and the light-weight construction with only 77 g enables re-use of current housings and saves installation space.

High-quality Full-HD images

The video output is compatible with 1920 × 1080 Full HD. The camera is ideally suited for security and surveillance applications as well as any other purpose that requires a simple device with a high resolution.

Excellent optical performance

The combination of Tamron's proprietary optical design and advanced low-reflection coating technology ensures high image contrast without colour blur.

Markets and applications

  • Intelligent monitoring for traffic applications
  • Flexible surveillance options for outdoor security systems
  • High-quality images and easy integration for video conferencing and broadcasting
  • Capable imaging device for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)


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