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FiberOptic LEDRing - Lampe annulaire à LED focalisable

The new LEDRING-110/66/W-FOC from FiberOptic is an innovative LED illumination product with many customer benefits. This new LED ring light gives illumination intensities of up to 120,000 Lux at an operating distance of 100 mm.

This light has a focusable operating distance of between 80 - 150 mm and is available in white with an operating colour temperature of 5,500 K. Other available colours include red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

The LEDRING-110/66/W-FOC has an external diameter of 110 mm and the internal diameter of 66 mm. It boasts a very long service life up to 70,000 hours and uses an adjustable power supply that runs at 230 V at 50 Hz with a power consumption of approximately 12W. The ring light can be strobed using one of the VIS LFC-602 series of strobe controllers.

  • Provides 120.000 LUX at an operating distance of 100 mm:
  • Colour temperature is 5,500 K at 100% voltage
  • Adjustable light intensity in 10 stages
  • Illumination circle adjustment:
    • 20 - 60 mm at an operating distance of 80 mm
    • 20 - 100 mm at an operating distance of 100 mm
    • 40 - 150 mm at an operating distance of 150 mm
  • Ambient temperature range +10 °C to +40 °C
  • Power consumption approximately 12 W
  • Operating voltage for the plug-in power supply module: 230 V/50 Hz
  • 50,000 to 70,000h service life at 100% voltage
  • Can be attached to a standard 66 mm diameter mandrel

For conversion to strobe operation (CW: 22 V/600 mA), please call us.


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Eclairage Annulaire a LEDs blanc

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