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CVC GE: Sony FCB cameras with GigE Vision interface

The CVC GE-family, exclusively available from STEMMER IMAGING, includes a Sony FCB-EX E-series camera equipped with an FGI GigE Vision-compliant interface board and the CVB CameraSuite software development kit.

Outstanding performance from HAD CCD

Sony FCB-EX E-series colour block cameras offer outstanding performance, including true progressive scan from an HAD CCD image sensor. The camera range features zoom lenses from an industry-leading 36x down to 28x or 18x, combined with 12x digital zoom to bring enhanced versatility.

With enhanced image stabilisation, white balance, wide D functionalities, motorised iris and a minimum illumination figure down to 0.25 Lux, these cameras offer exceptional picture clarity in wide-ranging illumination conditions for a host of applications from security and surveillance to -industrial vision.

Benefits of GigE Vision thanks to FGI interface board

The FGI interface board, developed by STEMMER IMAGING, brings all the well- established benefits of GigE Vision to this versatile camera range, including the ability to transmit images up to 100m over industry-standard Ethernet cables.

By taking full advantage of the progressive scan image sensor, the camera effectively doubles the image resolution compared to earlier interlaced versions of the cameras. Full control of the camera is possible through the GigE Vision and GenICam-compliant interface.

CVB CameraSuite included

The powerful, hardware-independent CVB CameraSuite that is delivered together with the cameras, is a fully featured, easy-to-install SDK. It includes everything needed to develop users' own vision applications quickly and easily and features sample applications as well as the SDK. It enables the user to take full advantage of the performance and -reliability of the GigE Vision technology in combination with Sony's FCB-EX E cameras.

  • Up to 36x optical zoom
  • Motor zoom, focus and iris
  • Image flip function
  • White balancing
  • Wide Dynamic range
  • GigE Vision compliant
  • Control via GenICam features (SFNC compliant where possible)
  • Power over Ethernet option
  • Multicast support
  • Composite and Y/C video outputs
  • Trigger inputs
  • Additional RS232 for peripheral device control
  • Status LEDs
  • Broad software support through use of imaging standards


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Model Résolution (Mégapixel) Fréquence d'image (Hz) Résolution horizontale Résolution verticale Format du capteur
CVC EH6300 HD GE 2,38 30 1920 1080 1/3"
CVC EH6300 HD GE POE 2,38 30 1920 1080 1/3"
CVC EX1020P SD GE 0,57 50 768 576 1/4"
CVC EX1020P SD GE POE 0,57 50 768 576 1/4"
CVC EX490EP SD GE 0,57 50 768 576 1/4"
CVC EX490EP SD GE POE 0,57 50 768 576 1/4"
CVC EX995EP SD GE 0,57 50 768 576 1/4"
Accessoires pour les câbles


Kit de câbles développement pour camera FGI incluant :

  • Incluse Alimentation 220VAC/12VDC
  • Câble type HE10 reprise vers 3xBNC vidéo et ...
Fichier Rubriques Taille
CVA FGI - FCB GigE Interface
Fiches produits
826,1 Kio
CVA FGI-HD/PoE - FCB-HD GigE Interface
Fiches produits
825,8 Kio
CVC GE Camera Family Operation Manual | 1.3.0
3,6 Mio
CVC HD GE Family
Fiches produits
97,0 Kio
CVC SD GE Family
Fiches produits
889,8 Kio
GigE Vision in practice
Fiches produits
880,0 Kio
Sony FCB-EH Series
Fiches produits
498,6 Kio
Sony FCB-EH6300
Fiches produits
1,2 Mio