Gardasoft LFC - Commandes de flash à LED


The Gardasoft Vision programmable lighting controllers enable dynamic control of most LED illuminators in modes not possible with other controllers. Signal delays, intensity and duration can be controlled, sequences can be programmed and stored to be accurately repeated when required. Most vision systems using LED illumination can be controlled more easily and be further enhanced by adding a Gardasoft Vision lighting controller.

  • Continuous mode, strobe mode, overdrive
  • Up to 10 times overdriving capabilities
  • Patented SafeSense technology (except LFC 800):
    • Allows very precise overdrive
    • Ensures that puls width and duty cycle remain in secure limits
  • Parametrization via RS232, Ethernet interface or - depending on model - manual interface
  • Optional F(ast) function
  • Allows short pulses down to 1 µs and high currents up to 20 A per channel


  • LFC 500 (alternative name: PP 500): 2 independent channels
  • LFC 400 (alternative name: PP 400): 4 independent channels
  • LFC 800 (alternative name: PP 800): 8 independent channels

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Gardasoft Vision

  • Patented SafeSense technology to protect the LEDs against overheating when overdriven
  • DIN rail mount
  • Up to 20 A in strobe mode
  • Available interfaces: RS232, Ethernet
  • Storage on the controllers is permanent for automatic, computer-​independent operation
  • Programming environment under Windows can be integrated into customer's own projects
  • Suitable for use with various LED lights including CCS and Volpi